Who We Are

The Law Office of José Yunes e Associados combines years of experience and constant renewal to offer you the best legal services in a wide range of areas of the Law.



José Yunes has a degree from the Law School of the University of São Paulo. In 1961, he founded the law office José Yunes e Associados, quickly becoming one of the most respected in the country, the result of the ethics and principles guiding his work on behalf of his clients.
The success he attained propelled José Yunes into the public life, which he represented with distinction and dignity at both state and federal levels. It is important to highlight his role in the elaboration of the Federal Constitution and the Consumer Defense Code.
Upon fulfilling his parliamentary mission, becoming an indelible part of the history of re-democratization in the country and culminating in the restitution of the rule of law, José Yunes once again dedicated himself wholly to practicing law, beginning a new phase geared towards various areas of practice.


Today, as uncertainty increases globally, the globalizing world demands swift response on a political, social, environmental and economical level, from instruments capable of providing a ready answer within the legal scope. These instruments must provide support to the legitimate interests of competitive demand, responsible for maintaining the balance between different forces within society.
With that goal in mind, our office has gathered a competent team of professionals active in the most diverse areas of Law, seeking to provide qualified services within the scope of the law. We offer services in administrative, preventive and judicial law, thus seeking to protect the legitimate interests of those we represent.
To better serve our clients, our new office has cutting-edge installations, connecting our members to an efficient system of in-house and external information, pertinent to their work.


The team is continuously reviewing and updating their knowledge through research, and by attending courses, seminars and lectures in their respective areas of practice.


Select an area of ​​law

  • – Sponsoring clients in public administration, at the level of federal, state and municipal entities, including Authorities and Foundations.
  • – Preventive or judicial measures needed to attain legitimate claim or right.
  • – Revisão de desequilíbrio contratual para ajustamento às circunstâncias supervenientes.
  • – Revising contractual imbalances to adjust to new circumstances
  • – Theory of unpredictability. Force Majeure.
  • – Civil liability. Obligation to redress damages.
  • – Defense during litigations.
Property Rights and ExpropriationX
  • – The Law Offices of José Yunes e Associados has specialized in expropriation for over 40 years, geared towards the defense of numerous expropriated owners, involving residences, industries, commerce, farmland, and others, against the Federal Union, expropriating States, Municipalities, State-owned companies, Regional Authorities and Concession Holders of public services.
    This experience has led one of the members of our team, Marcelo Beserra, to publish the book Desapropriação no Direito Brasileiro (Expropriation in Brazilian Law). It has quickly become a point of reference for those studying or working in this field.
  • – Property and its protection in light of the Federal Constitution
  • – Expropriation and its necessary prerequisites.
  • – Defense of the expropriated party and its legal premises.
  • – Just compensation. Prior assessment.
  • – Judicial appraisal report.
  • – Provisional and definitive vesting of possession.
  • – Administrative servitudes.
  • – Loss of goodwill and profits.
  • – Consulting and drafting of Legal Opinions.
  • – Bringing actions and defense within Private Law.
  • – Civil liabilities: moral and material damages.
  • – Collection action. Execution of judicial and extrajudicial titles.
  • – Purchase and sale, exchange, loan and turnkey agreements.
  • – Court deposits.
  • – In rem right.
  • – Accounting.
  • – Development, merger, and demerger of companies.
  • – Dissolution and liquidation.
  • – Modification of contractual clauses that establish contributions disproportionate to the object.
  • – Revision of contracts in reason of new facts that cause it to become too burdensome.
  • – Drafting of contracts in general.
  • – Purchase and sale of assets.
  • – Providing services.
  • – Agency agreements.
  • – Conditional sale agreements.
  • – Sale with right of redemption.
  • – Agency agreement.
Consumer LawX
  • – Consumer Rights.
  • – Developing consumer rights’ contracts.
  • – Defense of companies within consumer rights.
  • – Indemnity from health plans, insurance and airline carriers.
  • – Hidden and latent defects in products/services.
  • – False propaganda.
Real Estate LawX
  • – Real estate transactions.
  • – Regularization of documents.
  • – Constituting mortgages.
  • – Registry of incorporation .
  • – Condominium charter.
  • – Reification of the area.
  • – Repossession and recovery of property.
  • – Lease renewal and revision.
  • – Residential and commercial lease agreements.
  • – Repossession and adverse possession.
Family Law and SuccessionX
  • – Consensual and litigious separation. Divorce.
  • – Recognition and dissolution of common-law marriages.
  • – Alimony and maintenance.
  • – Ação alimentar e revisional.
  • – Pre-nuptial agreement.
  • – Regulating visitation. Child custody.
  • – Donations, will and testaments.
  • – Emancipation of minors.
  • – Investigação de paternidade.
  • – Inventory and listing of goods.
  • – Organization of assets and planning succession.
  • – Consulting and drafting Legal Opinions.
  • – Public civil actions.
  • – Class actions.
  • – Indemnity for environmental damage.
  • – Obtaining environmental licenses, permits and authorizations.
  • – Environmental Conduct Adjustment Terms (TACA).
Corporate LawX
  • – Constituting companies in general.
  • – Active in debt recovery.
  • – Agency agreement.
  • – Merger, demerger and transformation.
  • – Merger and acquisition of real estate.
  • – Creating holdings.
  • – Corporate restructuring and transformation.
  • – Aumento e redução de capital.
  • – Dissolution and liquidation.
Tax LawX
  • – Consulting and planning.
  • – Drafting of Legal Opinions.
  • – Interpretation and application of tax legislation.
  • – Rights and privileges of tax credit.
  • – Undue payment. Total or partial restitution.
  • – Fiscal review, due diligence and compliancee.
  • – Administrative and judicial defense.
Labor Relations LawX
  • – Active in corporate litigation and labor advisory.
  • – Defense in labor claim. Appeals and briefs.
  • – Counseling alongside Regional Labor Superintendencies.
  • – Monitoring alongside Ministry of Labor.
  • – Guidance in hiring and admitting employees.
  • – Participation in collective negotiations.
  • – Contracts and audits.




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